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BSET EQ | Solutions Through Gas Plasma

SP Series classic barrel reactors for isotropic etching, stripping and cleaning for various industries


Unique Specifications

  • Convenient loading and unloading of product via file cabinet chamber door
  • Optional temperature controlled shelf available
  • Many "special" material handlers and fixtures are stock items
  • Grounded shelf available for caging (down stream) apps
  • All models include 20 processes stored with multi-stepping (parameter change in different places in process)


  • Excellent with line ting complex shapes
  • Quartz or Pyrex vacuum chamber for ultra clean processing
  • 6", 8",10" and 15" chambers suitable for small or large scale production runs
  • Many wet chemicals can be eliminated from your process
  • Efficient and cost effective ( 6" tool is the most affordable at BSET)
  • All systems are easy to use table-top systems


  • Hybrid cleaning
  • Asbestos research
  • Cleaning of irregular or flat shapes
  • Stripping of irregular or flat shapes
  • Wafer/card/coupon treatments in boats
  • Photo resist stripping
  • Dielectric stripping
  • Research and development
  • Failure analysis
  • Plasma process qualification