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BSET EQ | Solutions Through Gas Plasma

Part Sourcing & Other Services

Plasma System Rental

When tool purchase and toll services are not possible we often have systems available for rent or lease. (New or used.) Because we offer attractive upgrade / trade in options to our customers we often have used systems available.

Plasma System Repairs

We offer high quality warranty and non warranty service for our tools. Telephone service and support is available throughout the BSET EQ tools lifetime FREE OF CHARGE. In addition to servicing our own tools we provide non warranty service to many other brands besides our own. Our plasma system repair services can be implemented in our shop or at your location.

With many of our tools working in a production environment our customers often require us to offer advanced services such as those listed below:

Plasma Subsystem Maintenance

RF generator repair and calibration - Our RF laboratory repairs and calibrates RF generators. Brands serviced include Advanced Energy, ENI , Seren IPS and more.
MFC repair and calibration - Brands serviced include Porter, MKS and others.
Vacuum gauge calibration - Brands serviced include MKS baratron™ and various thermocouple gauges such as Teledyne hastings.

Installation and Training

With every new sale of our equipment we encourage customers to invite us to their factory to install the system(s) and train their engineering, operator and maintenance teams. We find that with this service rendered we can all be assured of the highest customer satisfaction possible throughout the life of the tool. After initial servicing we sometimes see a need for retraining or re-installation. Reasons for this need include factory relocation, new employees, new applications etc.

Maintenance Contracts Available

Maintenance contracts of all levels are available for BSET equipment.

Parts, Tooling and Complimentary System Sourcing

In order for BSET to obtain its level of expertise in gas plasma technologies we have found it necessary to become exposed and knowledgeable with many complementary processes. With over 10 years of research and development we have access to sourcing for many consumables, tooling, parts and actual equipment residing in your laboratory. Common examples would be: Wafer probes, temp coupons, wire bonder parts, contact angle meters, pull and shear strength testers etc.

For assistance with any of the services above please contact our services department.