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BSET EQ | Solutions Through Gas Plasma

 BL Series

 The largest install base for laser decapsulation and the first laser to incorporate plasma finish to die (PLASER™)

                               Table Top

Stand Alone                                                                                                                            Table Top                 


Our LASER product line utilizes the robust manufacturing and process development of Baublys  Laser Gmbh. 

BSET EQ is the exclusive distributor for Baublys Laser products in North America for all industry applications. We are worldwide distributor for I.C. Decapsulation applications.
The product line is divide into two system formats.

Stand alone
This configuration is our most flexible format. With our roomy yet beautiful chassis  capable of housing upgrades such as our Duo laser format of 562 nm for cross section work and our standard 1064 nm for standard applications.  This format also accommodates the fully automatic PLASER plasma finish solution.

Table top
This configuration saves space in your laboratory yet provides the same quality laser technology as our stand alone system.  The system can be upgraded to include our manual PLASER tm plasma finish feature.

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FA Applications:

  • Mark and machine
  • Precavitate prior to wet chem or plasma finish
  • Exposure of Al, Cu, Au, Ag wires & bonds
  • Chip on PCB decap
  • Gasket maker for wet chem tools
  • Cross section integrated circuits
  • BGA 1st & 2nd bonds
  • Glob top on PCB
  • Hybrid circuits