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BSET EQ | Solutions Through Gas Plasma

The FA 2000 Reactive Ion Etch system specializing in the decapsulation and depassivation of packaged devices in an anisotropic manner for the worldwide Semi-Conductor industry

FA 2000

Unique Specifications

  • Quad input manifold provides uniform conductance of process gases and high etch uniformity on wafers
  • Operation within a wide pressure band enables fast isotropic etching at higher temperatures and exceptionally clean anisotropic etching at lower temperatures
  • Operation within a temperature range from 0 - 125°C enhances etch rates and selectivity
  • I.C.P , endpoint detection and other advanced options

Failure Analysis for Semiconductors

  • Passivation removal - Isotropic polyimide removal, anisotropic or isotropic silicon nitride removal
  • Removal of interlayer dielectrics - packages and 150 mm or 200 mm wafers accommodated
  • Unsurpassed tabletop performance in single wafer cleaning, stripping, etching or reverse sputtering


  • Industry leader and I.P. forerunner
  • First and only qualified system to interface with patented laser decapsulation technology
  • Etch rates for many compounds more than 1 mil per hour
  • Fastest removal of epoxy and plastic molding materials
  • Uses unique Fillerblast® technology

Other Applications

  • Research and development
  • Manufacture of wafer probe cards
  • Patterning and trenching in various materials
  • Material sciences


Endpoint Detection